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Team Healthy Little Teeth are the Champions!

National Children’s Dental Health Month Tournament of Tooth Care saw Healthy Little Teeth win first place! Each little champ provided a unique skill, and all of them worked together to defeat the Mouth Monsters. Their coach, the Pediatric Dentist, helped them realize that Healthy...

Mouth Madness Tournament – Mathup #3

Ginger Bite-Us proved to be no match for Cuspid in this week’s one-on-one matchup! After the win, this is what Cuspid had to say: “The Dental Home Court advantage that I have at my Pediatric Dentist’s office provides me with so much motivation and support! My Pediatric Dentist’s...

Mouth Madness Tournament – Matchup #2

The Second Matchup for the Mouth Madness Tournament showcased Second Molar against Tartar the Terrible. It was an easy victory for Second Molar with his Healthy Oral Hygiene Routines. Second Molar was able to dodge sugary foods and drinks while executing the moves he learned from...

Mouth Madness Tournament – Matchup #1

In our First Matchup of the Mouth Madness Tournament, First Molar took on Tooth D.K.! It wasn’t easy, but First Molar got a huge assist from Fluoride to earn the WIN! Strengthening teeth with fluoride is a great preventive strategy for all molars. The consistent use of fluoride...

Special Olympics 2016 Partner

We know that lives have been changed by Special Olympics through sports training activities, athletic competitions, outreach efforts, and innovative programs. Team HappyHealthyTeeth is really excited to be partnering with Special Olympics Northern California for 2016!...

National Children’s Dental Health Month

This February, to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, there will be a one-on-one tournament of oral health care. This tournament will showcase two teams: Team Little Teeth vs. Team Mouth Monsters. Here at the Bay Area Pediatric Dental Wellness Group, the coaching...

Reverse Osmosis Water

We are fortunate that the majority of the Bay Area fluoridates its water. The Centers for Disease Control recognizes that community water fluoridation is a safe, effective, and cost-saving method to maintaining the health of the teeth. Many of our patients who drink tap water...